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 THESgi focuses on assuring quality and enhancing its performance while at the same time contributing to environmental protection. In this context THESgi:

  • Cooperates with the Institute of Soil Mapping and Classification for detailed soil testing (pH, conductivity, organic matter, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, etc.)
  • Implements the High Performance Management System, supervised by specialized agronomists, aiming at a fully targeted fertilization depending on the needs of the soil and the plant, throughout all the stages of its development.
  • Enhances product audits at every stage of cultivation, harvesting and storage.



Following targeted and continuous efforts, the management team of "THESgi" proceeded to negotiations with potential buyers in order to achieve the full promotion of the products produced, at prices corresponding to their quality. The management team of the Cooperative is supported by a number of technical and legal advisers and each agreement is depicted in contract texts that bind and protect both the Cooperative and the buyer.

Contractual Agriculture of THESgi also extends to other Cooperatives such as THESgala, Galaelass and market companies such as Barba Stathis S.A., 3alfa and others. "THESgi" aims at establishing the practice of contracting for all the products it manages.



THESgi Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly, taking a step further towards reducing production costs, inaugurated since 2014 a commercial supply of fertilizers and seeds to its members. Both fertilizers and seeds are systematically checked for their quality and for their application by specialized professionals (agronomists) and external contractors. Soon, the Cooperative will also be active in the field of pesticides.



THESgi has expanded to the processing sector through the Flour and Flour Mixtures which are disposed to bakers.

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THESGI Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly

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