Our Cooperative


One of the first initiatives taken after THESgi was established, was to set as a priority the development of partnerships with healthy and reliable Cooperatives and Companies of Agricultural Products Commerce and set the foundations for future collaborations with major industries.

In particular:

  • ThesGala-Pies Cooperative
  • GalaElass Cooperative
  • Dimitriaki
  • Melissa-Kikizas
  • ‘Pileas’ Cotton Ginning
  • Barba Stathis S.A.
  • Selected Textiles S.A.
  • Agricultural Dairy Cooperative of Kalavryta
  • Zeikos G.A.  SA
  • Melios Mills – Flour Industry
  • Agricultural Association of Garlic Nea Vyssa

Contact Information

THESGI Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly

  3rd klm Larissa-Volos, P.C. 41336, Larissa,Greece


 +30 2410 579904

 +30 2410 579905

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