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THESGI Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly was founded in 2013. Today, THESGI numbers 72 members. The head office is situated in Larissa (Greece) and the croplands of its members (30.000 acres) are extended throughout Thessaly.

THESgi Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly aims to:

  • Ensure production programming and its adjustment to the demand for agricultural products particularly from a quantitative and qualitative point of view
  • Promote the assemblage of supply and distribution of the production of the members of the Cooperative
  • Reduce production costs by achieving economies of scale
  • Improve the quality of the products produced
  • Normalize producer prices
  • Create added value to the products it produces by standardization and processing
  • Promote the ethics of correct agricultural practices, as well as production and management techniques for the different production means setting as a priority the environment protection
  • Improve agricultural equipment management by sharing or exchanging work     

Contact Information

THESGI Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly

  3rd klm Larissa-Volos, P.C. 41336, Larissa,Greece


 +30 2410 579904

 +30 2410 579905

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