Hard wheat and barley

The members of the Cooperative cultivate about 10,000 acres of grain, mainly durum wheat and barley, particularly emphasizing on:

  • Τhe quality of the product produced
  • Production costs reduction
  • Maximizing the economic benefit for the producer
  • Implementing contractual agriculture

The Cooperative collaborated with "Dimitra" Institute of Soil Mapping, in soil testing on the farms of its members. Based on the results of the tests, it implements a High Performance Management System of grains supervised by specialized agronomists, contributing to the rational use of fertilizers and the reduction of environmental impact.

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THESGI Farmers’ Cooperative of Thessaly

  3rd klm Larissa-Volos, P.C. 41336, Larissa,Greece


 +30 2410 579904

 +30 2410 579905

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